Infineon Technologies 1チャンネルMOSFETゲートドライバIC

Infineon 1チャンネルMOSFETゲートドライバICは、制御ICとパワフルなMOSFETおよびGaNスイッチングデバイスとの間の重要なリンクです。ゲートドライバICは、高いシステムレベル効率、優れた電力密度、一貫したシステム堅牢性を可能にします。

The Infineon Technologies EiceDRIVER Isolated & Non-Isolated Gate Drivers provide protection features such as fast short-circuit protection, programmable dead-time, shoot-through protection, and active shutdown. This makes these drivers well-suited for all power devices, including CoolGaN™ and CoolSiC™. Infineon gate drivers also provide advanced features such as integrated bootstrap diodes, enable and fault reporting functions, input filters, OPAMP and DESAT functions. Active Miller clamps and separate sink and source outputs options also provide design flexibility for all applications. The Infineon EiceDRIVER family of gate drivers makes it easier for designers to drive all power switches and power modules. For galvanic isolation requirements, both basic and reinforced isolated product options are available.


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公開: 2016-12-09 | 更新済み: 2023-05-15