Vertiq 8108 150Kv Controller

Vertiq 8108 150Kv is an integrated motor and controller with a wide range of velocity-based applications. This integrated motor and controller is the first commercial-grade drone and robotics motor module in its class that comes with an embedded position sensor. This module features an open and closed-loop controller designed primarily to drive propeller loads.

The Vertiq 8108 150Kv module can be driven with the integrated PID velocity controller with a second-order polynomial feedforward, which is ideal for propeller applications. This module offers advanced telemetry for motor health monitoring and utilizes the closed-loop motor control technology that helps UAVs change directions, stabilize, and brake four times faster.

The combination of Vertiq’s unique hardware design and proprietary software allows IQ motors to maximize torque output, efficiency, and precision while minimizing motor vibration, cost, and footprint. This module features a voltage controller PWM controller, coast and brake modes, encoder linearization, anticogging, no minimum speed, and active freewheeling. Typical applications include drones, fans, wheeled vehicles, robotics, and gimbals.


  • Communication:
    • Protocols: CAN, serial, PWM, Dshot, servo, and more
    • Sinusoidal commutation
    • Trapezoidal commutation (optional)
  • Hardware Features:
    • Controller-motor integration
    • Embedded position sensor
  • Reliability:
    • Access to standard and custom telemetry
    • Over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature
  • Control:
    • Velocity and position control with tunable PIDs
    • Field estimated control
    • Anticogging and encoder linearization
    • 3D reversible, no delay while crossing zero
    • Industry-leading rise and response times
    • Regenerative and active braking
    • Active freewheeling
    • Fast FET switching and use of gate drivers


  • Electrical specifications:
    • -0.3V to 62V of the supply voltage range
    • -0.3V to 7.3V of the digital logic voltage range
    • -60V to 60V of the CAN voltage range
    • -20°C to 105°C of MCU temperature range
    • 12V to 48V power supply voltage range
    • -10°C to 50°C of the ambient temperature range
  • Motor specifications:
    • 0.079Ω resistance
    • 32µH inductance
    • 40A of continuous current
    • 2.7Nm of continuous torque
    • 90A of pulsed current


  • Drones
  • Fans
  • Wheeled vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Gimbals


Mechanical Drawing (mm)

Vertiq 8108 150Kv Controller

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